Yacht Agency

We provides shore support service to yacht captains and crew including:

berth reservations
yacht clearance and formalities
itinerary planning provisioning
event planning
travel reservations
security services
technical service coordination
legal assistance
medical assistance
yacht deliveries
crew placement

Yacht Management

As yachts become more sophisticated and regulations more complex, captains and owners are often required to spend more time dealing with logistics and resolving many unplanned problems during their cruise . Our mission is to enhance your yachting enjoyment and enable the captain and crew to focus on providing the owner with memorable yachting experience. Our team consists of expert individuals, including: naval architects, marine surveyors , captains and engineers, with proven experience in the yacht industry. In addition to their robust professional experience our team specializes in a situational approach to requests and demands, enabling them to deliver optimum results in all aspects of yacht management. We treat clients yachts as if they were our own and our aim is to provide best results at minimum cost and minimum risk . Yacht management includes ; yacht accounting , technical management , insurance assistance , crew administration and crew placement.